I Went One Direction & Can't Go Back...

My name is Kelly. I'm 20. Los Angeles, CA is home.

My photos from 1D's concert can be seen here.

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I won't judge you and I will respect you and your opinions as long as you do the same to me. I also call anons Nonnie.

This Blog is also pretty 5SOS heavy. Sometimes I delete comments on posts. Sorry? But sometimes I'm not sorry. Not at all. And sometimes I reblog things on my other blog.

I don't tolerate hate towards the boys, their family, friends, or their relationship partners at all. Kindly take that somewhere else please. I also don't ship the boys with each other. I don't care for rumors, I don't care who they're supposedly having sex with. I love One Direction/5SOS very much but I respect their personal lives and privacy so much more.


*dory voice*


*dory voice*



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excuse me. excuse me. 


if they don’t stop with the fucking tongues i’m going to explode 


Let’s go.


Let’s go.

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feldy67: midnight in a church

feldy67midnight in a church

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Detroit, August 16th x

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Write a fanfiction about who you ship me with in my ask.

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