I Went One Direction & Can't Go Back

My name is Kelly. I'm 20. Los Angeles, CA is home.

My photos from 1D's concert can be seen here.

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Feel free to talk to me about whatever. You can ask me any kind of questions...even the most random ones like what color socks I'm wearing (they're currently grey and purple stripes) I won't judge you and I will respect you and your opinions as long as you do the same. I also call anons Nonnie.

Sometimes I delete comments on posts. Sorry? But sometimes I'm not sorry. Not at all. And sometimes people not One Direction will make a small appearance. Every now and then I have to release the Chris Pine Feels and change into a Chris Pine blog for a few minutes. I'd let that man have his way with me as many times as he'd like. And sometimes I reblog things on my other blog.

I do not tolerate hate towards the boys, their family, friends, or their relationship partners at all. Kindly take that somewhere else please. I also do not ship the boys with each other. I don't care for rumors, I don't care who they're supposedly having sex with. I love One Direction very much but I respect their personal lives much more. =)

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is liam payne going to be okay being away from the funky buddha for so long while he goes on tour

@onedirection: #YouAndI #1DayToGo

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